CW: Mild intrusive thoughts/depression, autoplay music

It's Senior prom, and you're all alone. You attended with your best friends, but had only been told by them earlier in the day that they'd been dating for around two months now. You're completely blindsided by this admission, or you would be if you hadn't heard the news going around campus before now.  Even worse is how you've had feelings for them, but never acted on upon them due to your fears of not being a proper match as you are asexual. It seem as though everything is coming to pieces.

Can you makeup with your friends or will everything fall apart?

This was created for the 2018 Ace Jam, a jam created about the representation of asexual individuals in video games. My creation is not a representation of the unique asexual experience, but merely a facet of the wide range of asexual lives. 

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsacejam, LGBT
Average sessionA few minutes


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That was neat :D